Design Exercise 2015

A mobile app that enables user to impulsively identify and purchase a garment or accessory that they see in real life.


Search with image
Capture the desired object by camera to search for identical or similar items.
Search without image
Search for identical or similar items by using preset keywords and preferences.
Learning user preference
Query for items that are base on your “like or dislike” history.
Order first, pay later
Ship the item to customer first, then they pay after received it, tried it and confirm to keep.
No wishlist, buy now
“Buy it” or “Forget it” are the only two options you can exercise with the search result in order to stimulate the impulse and buy the item at the very moment.
Fulfilled by system
Hide product source of the search result to ensure purchases are made with the app at the moment, but not later from other platform.

User Scenario 1

User Scenario 2

Flow Chart


App Design