Personal Project  2016

Current Content

Product page content

1. Product gallery
2. Product name
3. Price
4. Content
5. Size selection
6. Color selection
7. Bundle deal
8. Add to Cart (Call-the-action)
9. Detail
10. Description
11. Size guide
12. Related product

Design Approach

Focus & Simplicity
Avoid information overload on the product page, customer should focus on the right information and make purchase decision.
Create Your Own
When customer become a part of “product development” process, the interaction in creating product can lead the customer to buy it.
Quick Check-out
Over 50% of merchandise abandoned in the shopping cart, encourage customer to check-out right away.
Product Comparison
A right comparison tool not only help customer to find the right product, but also help them making decision.
Product Review
Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted than the descriptions that come from manufacturers.
Interactive Product View
A good way to retain user’s interest throughout the experience and encouraging them towards checkout.


New Shopping

Two steps shopping experience

Streamlining the shopping experience into two major steps.

The focus of the first step is on introducing product detail, description, and product gallery. The primary call-the-action “BUY NOW” should be above the fold.

The second step let user to focus on creating their own set by selecting the size, color, and/or adding additional companion accessories like pillow or duvet. Or even mix and match different color for pillow case and duvet cover.


Responsive Design