Project Overview

Create a Business Dashboard for LegalZoom customer not only to know their order status after purchase, but also manage their business and get useful information in the same platform.

My Role

Facilitate design workshop to gain buy-in from stakeholders. Create information architecture, wireframe, prototypes for the project.



The Challenges

Design for Mobile User

LegalZoom customer spent most of their time in my account, however it’s not mobile responsive, user have to pinch and zoom to navigate in my account.

Confusing Navigation

The content is organized based on LegalZoom fulfillment process, but it’s not in line with our long-term goals.

Satisfy multiple teams

LegalZoom currently offers more than 60 products, my account redesign will affect all the products, and needs to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders.

The Workshop

I started with a design workshop to understand concerns from each stakeholders and what features are in the roadmap for the next couple months to a year. And then we started to brainstorm on what we can do to provide a better experience for our customers.


Business Milestones

- HMW help owners recognize new opportunities that go beyond what they envision for their business?
- HMW help owners anticipate the next logical step they should take?
- HMW remind users of ‘what they need to do later’?
- HMW help owners make long term decissions?


Digitize Business Documents

- HMW make business documents available online?
- HMW implement e-Sign for all documents (business and personal)?
- HMW create stickiness by staying on top of filing deadlines (e.g. compliance calendar, tax returns, AR, business health check)?
- HMW better expose previous consultations, customer care phone calls and empower user?


Building right “Functionality”

- HMW provide business owners with the right information and ‘self service’ to mitigate distressed phone call volume?
- HMW tap into dynamics of day-to-day business operations?
- HMW facilitate business filings from dashboard and how these might need additional SOS work (change of address, tax updates)?

Design Audit

I audited the current my account to understand what are the issues with current design.

I also mapped out the current my account system to show an overview of all the features and information we currently provided in the platform.

Design Proposal

I design new information architecture with different product offerings and company’s long-term goal in mind: Focusing on helping user manage their business.

Here are couple screens I designed to show stakeholders the thoughts and key features.

Wireframe for mobile design

Permission Matrix

Current website doesn’t allow user to share access with their business partner. User can grant permission for another person to call customer service, but they won’t be able to login to the platform. Creating permission matrix for business and personal product to define user roles.