Project Overview

LegalZoom have helped millions of small business owner form and run their business. LLC product (Limited Liability Company) generated more than 50% revenue for LegalZoom every year. The project is set to increase the conversion rate and average order value by redesign the purchase experience and update the visual design to make information easily digestible.

My Role

Project planning
UX research
Competitor audit



The Challenges

Product Redesign

Overhaul the old purchase path and identify user pain points. Working with product manager, customer care and legal team to implement latest requirement and reduce problem orders.

Redesign Phase 1

Suggested Direction

User Friendly

Reduce the information presented on one page to reduce cognitive load, and make it easier for user to focus on one task at a time.

Responsive Design

Create brand new mobile experience for the product and increase mobile conversion rate. Work with copywriter and visual designer to create mobile friendly copy.

Remove Roadblock

A lot of business owner don’t have all the required information right away. Remove the some of the questions to post conversion significantly shortened the questionnaire and increase conversion rate.

Testing Goals &

Brainstorm a new end to end user experience from landing page, questionnaire to post purchase experience including my account, email reminder and business milestones to help our customer grow. Use A/B testing to compare old and new design.

Service Blueprint

Due to the complexity of professional entity, it’s hard to fulfill those order with current system. Creating service blueprint for the conditional flow to better handle those cases.

Post-Purchase Flow

Visual Design

Redesign Phase 2

Competitive Audit

In trying to create a better relationship with our customers it is crucial to understand our position in the landscape.

From Aug-Sept 2018, we formed businesses with competitors looking at 5 different industry perspectives, hoping to come up with specific ideas to implement/test, product direction and long term product & experience strategy after the research.



Understand competitors’ brand, product offering, pricing, web content and marketing.


Secret Shopping

Get a better understanding of their purchasing experience, customer service, and lifecycle communication.


Share Insights

Sharing finding, ideas and insights with multiple teams in Legalzoom.

The Journeys

We documented everything we saw and received from research, purchase, to resolve the company. Mapped out all the experience and interaction happened between us and the competitors.

Competitor pricing comparison

Suggested Direction

Package Redesign

The differences between current packages are pretty small. The biggest differentiation is the speed of processing, however Legalzoom want to move away from transactional business modal to subscription modal. The current package doesn’t aligned with the long term goals.

Visual Direction

Based on the data from Quatum Matrix, most of the user doesn’t realize the content below the fold. And because of multiple screen with similar layout, user continue the flow without knowing they are opt-in to multiple subscription services.

LegalZoom University

All of out competitor including Legalzoom, only focus on business formation, assuming user already know which entity type they need and what to do next. Providing customized educational information might help us to catch user earlier.

Package Redesign

Industry-Based Package

Create industry specific overview page, and make package suggestion based on the sate and industry. User will be able to skip all the product offering, reduce the cognitive load.

Visual Redesign

Conversational Form

I am trying to combine multiple questions into 1 page, to reduce the flow before checkout, and using the illustration on the right to show relevant information for the user before chat bot is ready.

2 Column Layout

Move additional information from below the fold to the right column, user can see and choose the content when they need it.