Project Overview

The LLC tracker app provides another way to manage the formation of user’s business, chat with customer care and get the formation documents, all from the smartphone.

My Role

Interaction design



The Challenges

Frustrated Customer

Due to the increasing mobile user, and LegalZoom doesn’t have a mobile-friendly my account, customers are not able to find the information they need right away and end up calling customer service.


Easy Tracking

Track LLC filing status to the Secretary of State and back.

Problem Resolution

When formation issues pop up, user can resolve the through the app.

Digital Document Delivery

The filed documents are in the app after we get them back from the state, and always backed up in the cloud.

Attorney Consultations

Easily make appointments with vetted independent attorneys for 30-min consultations on all new legal matters, including contracts, legal agreements, employee agreements…etc.


Visual Design

Web Version: One Long Page

The original questionnaire was one long page, it takes at least  5-10 mins to fill all the information and there is no saving functionality. Complete rate was high but it’s not a great user experience on mobile.

Version 1: 4 Steps

I start to group questions into different sections based on the how we use the information and if it affect other questions. But the pages looks boring without any icons or illustration.

Version 2: Adding Illustration

Trying to use illustration and only show one question at a page, so it has the same experience as pre-purchase questionnaire.

Version 2: Pie Chart

Showing my ideas for presenting business ownership. Most of our customer are small business owner, and 90% are under 2 owners. The pie chart make sure all percentages will add up to 100%.

Version 3: Collapse and Expand

Another approach is to break questions into each card, and it will expand and collapse when user go to the next question.

Version 3: Combining Questions

Instead of showing 4 yes/no questions, combine them into one  section, and using icons to make it easier to digest.

Version 3: Congrats Animation