Personal Project  2016

Design a mobile app for pizza food truck that allows customers to:
1. Order and pay online.
2. Notify user when food is ready.
3. Minimize the waiting time.


When you have to wait in Line…

Waiting in line is a universally despised experience. Understanding the psychology of waiting in line and identify factor that make customers frustrate.

1. Unoccupied time feels longer than occupied time.
2. People want to get started.
3. Anxiety makes waits seem longer.
4. Uncertain waits feel longer than known, finite waits.
5. Unexplained waits feel longer that explained waits

User Scenario

Product Features

Build your own pizza
Choose your sauce, cheese, and top it with your favorite ingredients. Every pizza is made fresh to order.
Request food truck
Did not see your neighborhood on our foodtruck calendar? Just hit request, we will go to you.
Minimize wait time
Place your order before you pick it up. No need to wait in line.
Leave a review
Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to evaluate and make improvements.
Pay with your app
No more hassle with payment. Set up your account, and you can choose your payment methods within the app.
Earn free drink or appetizer
Getting bored waiting? Play small games while you are waiting for food, and get a chance to win free drink or appetizer!