Design Exercise  2019

Design a system to help homeowner take better care of their yard, that can:
1. Auto adjust watering volume and frequency.
2. Remote control the sprinkler system.
3. Track and monitor the water consumption.


A Smart Garden

Using weather information such as precipitation, humidity, and use sensors to collect data locally to allow the system create a customized watering schedule and automatically adjust for local weather and soil condition.

Smart Sprinkler System

Solution Dependencies

Device Design

Design, development and manufacture of the devices and sensors can be a challenging task.


All the devices has to be connected to a wireless network for the ecosystem to properly function. Each wireless transmission technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. The implementation needs to allow multiple platforms to share and transfer the information.

Installation Instructions

There are hundreds of different sprinkler controllers in the market, need to provide instructions for each model so user can correctly installed the devices themselves.

Automatic Calculation

The system needs to calculate the watering time, volume based on temperature, humidity, plant species, soil type...etc, and make adjustment to user's need.


Visual Design