Project Overview

Design a system to assist Theranos technician and phlebotomists’ day-to-day tasks from guest check-in, confirm order, collect payment to perform blood draw.

My Role

User research and ideation
Wireframe and prototypes
Interaction design
Project planning



The Challenges

There are two parts of the application: Check-in helps technician to search for guest, add lab order, validate insurance and payment within 10 min; Perform guides phlebotomist which container to use and how to handle the container but also allows user to handle possible errors without stopping collection process.

Design Process

I started from shadowing technician and phlebotomist, to observe their working environment and understand their workflow. The ethnographic research helped me design the wireframe, and create high-fidelity prototype for usability testing.

All the feedback are important and had a major impact on the final product. I prioritized each feature, created the product roadmap and designed the application with future features in mind.




Flow Chart

Design Proposal

Some of the interface examples.

Use rendering instead of picture, to indicate which device/container to use in the perform room.

Style Guide

Visual Design